Xiaomi Electric Scooter Global Version(Two Spare Tyre)

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Xiaomi Electronic Scooter FAQ

It depends. Different states has different regulations regarding with Electric Scooters. But up to today we have sold a large amount of scooters and we do not received any complaints from our customers about road usage. 
When power is off:
⦁ single press to power on
When power is on:
⦁ single press to switch on/off front+tail indicator light
⦁ double press to switch between standard mode/power saver mode
⦁ long press to power off
t takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge the battery and it last around 30 kilometers. In order to extend battery life, Mi electronic scooter converts and stores kinetic energy during acceleration into electrical power.This enhance the emergency braking and experience and improves battery life at the same time.
Our electric scooter can get up to 25km/h max. With regards to safety, XiaoMi electric scooter has ventilated disc brake and E-ABS braking system, to reduce the braking distance is down to 4 meters, ensuring a safe ride.
There is front and tail indicator light. It lightens up 6 meters distance ahead and it comes in 1.1W high brightness, to ensure users can see clearly during dark environment.
You can see there are 4 LED dots battery indicators:
⦁ 4 dots consistently on: 100% - 86%
⦁ 3 dots consistently on and 1 flashing: 85% - 71%
⦁ 3 dots consistently on: 70% - 56%
⦁ 2 dots consistently on and 1 flashing: 55% - 41%
⦁ 2 dots consistently on: 40% - 25%
⦁ 1 dot consistently on and 1 flashing: 24% - 11%
⦁ 1 dot flashing: out of battery soon
Our foldable electric scooter can be folded down to 48mm height from its original 108cm length, 43cm width and 12.5kg net weight.You can easily put in your truck or lift it with a single hand. It only takes around few seconds to fold/unfold the electronic scooter.
We provide one year warranty for all of our products. However, tyres are not included in the warranty.
the M365 scooter has IP54 waterproof rating it can function when it's raining but with only one constriction and that is that the water level should not be bigger than 2cm.
It take an initial movement to work. This design is to prevent if you accidentally accelerate and lost balance or hit someone. Simply, just push it forward for about a meter, and then press and hold the accelerate button.
The scooter also has KERS - kinetic energy recovery system and when you are braking or release the throttle, the battery will start to recharge. The KERS helps to recover electricity, to achieve better performance.