Roborock Xiaomi Robotic Vacuum 2

Brand: Ausmall Xiaomi Australia

Product Code: RSD0028AU

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Roborock Xiaomi Robotic Vacuum 2

Yes, it can work with the nagnetic wall barrier, thanks!
You can simply touch the buttons on top of your robot to do a routine cleaning, or else, you can connect it with our phone App through an internet access for more features.
Yes, this is the same product with S50, S5 is the model name, number "0" means color is white, thanks!
If you want to use the Mihome App function, we are afraid that you need to use wifi to control the robot, otherwise, the App will not be connected to your robot. But if you don't need your phone to control the robot, there is no need to use wifi, you can just start it by press the button on your robot, thank you.
Robot scans area every time. It will start with last floor plan but will start rescanning as it starts again. It is really smart and I am loving it. Also it does not hit object hard rather steers clear whenever possible.
Yes, the package already include the US power plug, thanks!