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Mi Band 3

Large touch screen, water resistant 50 meters

1. Messages, calls and much more information are displayed directly on the screen  
2.Immerse yourself up to 50 meters deep and check the record of your activity by simply lifting your wrist 
3. Heart rate, sleep quality, step count and health control 
4.Battery up to 20 days

Control every step while you move

New large OLED touch screen

Design and clear and simple use

  • 48 characters screen
  • Show messages, calls and much more information
  • Check all the information in real time
  • Sleep quality and step count are recorded automatically
  • Water resistant up to 50 meters
  • 20 days of battery

Stay informed simply by raising your wrist

With a slight movement you will access messages, calls and much more

Instant messages

Check your calls, WhatsApps, or Facebook with a single glance 

Discover the time of the next 3 days and always keep up with your alerts.

Reminders of your events 
and alarm with vibration

Regular alerts for 
important days

Accept a new challenge and discover your best self

Not only does it show information about your activity, including time, kilometers traveled or heart rate, but it is also resistant to water up to 50 meters deep

Put it on for swimming or surfing

With a 5 ATM resistance, Mi Band 3 will allow you to get even further

Check the record of your 
activity in real time

It does not matter if you are running, riding a bike or walking, because you will always be aware of your heart rate and speed. You can also monitor your 
physical condition and adjust the intensity of your exercises to obtain better results.

Put on a small goal and 
work to get it

My Band 3 will not let you get discouraged because every time 
you reach your daily goal of steps, My Band 3 will 
warn you that you have achieved it

Record each of your movements and enjoy controlling your health throughout the day

Monitor more accurately the count of your steps, your heart rate and sleep quality, and have alerts to control inactivity

A more accurate algorithm for counting 
your steps and daily changes in your 
heart rate

We have updated and improved our step count algorithm and can ensure that each and every one of them 
counts. In addition, the heart sensor is now able to read changes in your frequency for 24 hours and in real time.

Monitor sleep quality

Sleep a little more and better every day

Accurately record information about sleep quality every night, including data on deep and light sleep, to help you adjust your sleep habits

Inactivity alerts

Give it all and then relax and recover

When you are too busy and you lose track of time, My Band 3 vibrates to remind you that you have to get up and move. This helps you improve your physical health

More energy to unleash your full potential

20-day battery, unlock without password and call display are just some of the 30 features offered

Unlock without 
password [5]

When a linked My Band 3 is near 
an Android smartphone, 
the phone is automatically unlocked

Display of calls and 
possibility of rejecting them. 
Manage every call without 
your smartphone

The new My Band 3 shows the name or 
phone number of the caller. 
If you do not want to answer, press and hold and you will 
reject the call.

More functions

30 characteristics in one [6]

My Band 3 has a huge range of possibilities. If you need anything, it is always there to help you. We are even developing more features!

  • Instant 
    message display
  • Call display
  • Alarm with vibrator
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Show information about your activity in real time
  • Inactivity alerts
  • Event reminders
  • Phone locator
  • Unlock your Android smartphone
  • More functions
Nueva app Mi Fit

Provide all the help 
you need to 
keep moving

With the Mi Fit app you can customize your 
daily goals according to your needs, in addition to choosing 
the type of exercise that best suits you and 
regularly check your weekly progress. Do not forget that you 
will also be able to see information about your dream!

Battery duration

20 days of battery [7]

Charge once, and even with frequent use, the battery will last more than 20 days.

Black screen completely smooth, soft and flexible

The longer and clearer OLED touch screen makes Mi Band 3 an even more extraordinary device

Its security mechanism makes 
it difficult to lose [8]

In addition, after more than 2,000 tests of durability, My Band 3 has proven to hold 
firm and solid.

Its material is comfortable 
and pleasant to the touch [9]

The strap is made of thermoplastic elastomer, 
a soft material that guarantees a comfortable fit. 
There are 3 colors: graphite black, red and dark blue.

* The standard color of My Band 3 is graphite black. The other colors are sold separately.