Whether you are an university, a warehouse, or a small business, one of our high quality products will suit your needs.


Bulk Order/Reseller

If you are an brick and mortar retail business, trying to find new products to sell, Xiaomi is a great way to explore the possibilities. With over 1 million exisiting  and ever growing Mi fans in Australia, Xiaomi is truely the future of smart home appliances, IT equipments and more. We will cover for the after sale services and logistics challenges, all you need to do is to sell. 

IT Equipments 

If your business requires a large number of IT equipments, i.e laptops/cell phones, then Xiaomi products are both cost effective and reliable. And with our Sydney based after sale service and product care department, rest and assure that your it equipments will have the least amount of interruption in service possible. 

Transport Solutions 

Transportation in large private area is always a hassle. Not any more with Xiaomi's Personal transportation collections.

Prospect application includes:

1. Pick n Pack in warehouse operations.

Ninebot - Segway hover-boards are perfect for pick n pack since it does not require hand input, the worker has two hands to work on. The way you control it is by shifting your centre of gravity. It can increase operation efficiency by up to 15%* with Segway pick n pack. 

2. Transportation in large private property.

For a maximum 45km per single charge, our e-transportation are an ideal solution for going around large private area. Being electrical means that all of the e-transportation products require no fuel and no maintenance. And they looks good too! 

3. For hire in public point of interest/parks and more.

It is not uncommon nowadays that you see someone hiring a hover-board to ride in national parks.  Your can start your own business too! Or if you are a similar business, ask us how our product is better on both return on investment and reliability. 

4. Security patrol 



Small businesses 



*Data from Ausmall Sydney Distribution Centre